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The Angel Cantata

Inspired by a concert held during the Aldeburgh Festival on an American airbase in Suffolk, Jennifer Potter’s new novel shows how complex human relations and the power of place can capture and inspire the musical imagination.

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After Breathless by Jennifer Potter

After Breathless

The time is 1969: the days before seatbelts and responsibilities when ‘love’ meant sex on the back seat of a Renault Gordini and older men (especially French older men) brought a frisson of danger to adolescent lives. Janey Wilcox, nineteen, a student in Bordeaux, meets Georges Delvaux at an all-night party that ends with sunrise over the ocean.

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The Long Lost Journey

On Christmas Day, 1910, Elinor Grace, traveller, scholar and archaeologist, left Aden clandestinely for the Red Sea port of Hodeidah. Opinion has it that Elinor never reached her goal and that the expedition ended in failure. Jennifer Potter’s spellbinding story tells otherwise.

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The Taking of Agnes by Jennifer Potter

The Taking of Agnès

When Agnès came to Martinique to visit her Aunt Alicia she filled the cool dark house on the edge of the plantation with her laughter and bright youth. She enchanted young men with her seductive beauty, and she baffled and bemused her aunt. Then Agnès disappeared.

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